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Why Work with One Percent Realty

For generations ‘Traditional, Big Box, Cookie Cutter, Brand Name’ brokerages, have ruled the real estate panorama. Many have questioned why the real estate market has changed so much and why ‘Big Box, Cookie Cutter, Brand Name’ brokerages haven't changed with it?

Paying higher fees was just something everyone did, our parents did it, our grandparents did it, to them, it was the norm, and there were no alternatives, until now!

We have all witnessed how technology has streamlined businesses around the world in the past decade.  From online shopping to global communications, We focus on the trending consumers’ technological needs at the fairest rates. 

So why pay more for something I can do for you at a much lower cost?

One Percent Realty is the future of the Real Estate Market


What you can save with One Percent Realty

Your Home


MLS® Broker*

One Percent Realty


$ 200,000

$ 10 500

 $ 7,950*

$ 2,550

$ 300,000

$ 14,000

 $ 7,950*

$ 6,050

$ 400,000

$ 17,500

 $ 7,950*

$ 9,550

$ 500,000

$ 21,000

 $ 7,950*

$ 13,050

$ 600,000

$ 24,500

 $ 7,950*

$ 16,550

$ 700,000

$ 28,000

 $ 7,950*

$ 20,050

$ 800,000

$ 31,500

 $ 8,950*

$ 22,550

$ 900,000

$ 35,000

 $ 9,950*

$ 25,050

*compared with a broker charging 7% on the first $100,000 + 3.5% on the balance, not all brokers charge the same. Not intended to induce a breach of an existing buyer or seller contract

Real estate agents spend most of their time soliciting business. In fact, like it or not, most real estate agents feel that half of their job is done the night they list your home for sale. This is contrary to the seller's belief that when their property is listed that is when the REALTOR® job starts. By offering full service at a lower rate our salespeople spend less time looking for business and more time doing our job, which is selling your property. 

While we are really strong believers in the power of the MLS® system to effectively market homes to the buying public, we also believe it may not be worth what the industry often charges for it.  For the most part, it requires the same amount of effort to sell a $100,000 property as it does a $600,000 property. They both get listed on the MLS® system, shown to potential clients, advertised, contracts gets negotiated on them both. Yet the fee expense would be a dramatically 6x higher on the $600,000 home versus the $100,000 one (e.g. using a regular fee rate). This never made any sense to us either!


What Service do you get with One Percent Realty?

• Full Service Agent

• Full MLS® and Exposure

• Full Exposure on & other Websites

• Professional High Resolution Digital Photos

High Quality Photos By A Professional Photographer

Market Evaluation  

Response to Inquiries

Property Showings

Assistance in Negotiating Favorable Terms& Conditions

• Offers and electronic Signage (if applicable)

            What do you get with One Percent Realty? 

             A full service MLS® REALTOR® at a fraction of the cost!*

        Why you should list with One Percent Realty

The average home in the Greater Edmonton Area was about $340,000 last year.  Now, if a traditional MLS® broker were to charge you a 7% on the first $100,000 and 3,5% on the balance rate* to sell your home, you would end up paying $15,400 + GST in real estate fees on that home!

However, with us, you pay a total of $7,950 + GST for homes under $700,000 (or 1% + $950 + GST for homes above $700,000).

That works out to savings of  more then $7,000 + GST on the average home!

$7,950 TOTAL Fee + GST to sell your home with


(For Homes Over $700K its 1% + $950 + GST Total)

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