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Hi, my name is Christopher Rout and I'm fortunate to be the broker and owner for One Percent Realty, working alongside some amazing REALTORS® who are committed to providing FULL MLS® REALTOR® service for a fraction of the cost!

I started real estate straight out of high school in 1992. In fact, I was 'that guy' in high school who knew at an early age what I wanted to be. It was in grade 10 when I proudly made the decision and told my parents I wanted to a REALTOR®. It wasn't really a surprise though because my parents were once REALTORS® (I have many fond memories of playing on their office floor as a child), my uncle was a REALTOR and I had another uncle who owned a real estate it was basically written for me to follow the family steps.

From the very beginning, I made the decision to get a business coach; not someone to just teach me how to sell but someone to also teach me marketing strategies, negotiation tactics, delivering 'Platinum Customer Service' and most importantly how to protect clients in an offer situation to avoid litigation nightmares! Throughout my career I've been fortunate enough to have practiced as a REALTOR®, team owner, manager of an office and later owner of an office. Most of my career was at a national franchise brand ('think balloon') until One Percent Realty came into my life. As soon as I saw it, it made sense to me. Today's consumer has more access to knowledge however the way REALTORS have operated hasn't changed, neither have commissions! The internet has forever changed the way real estate is operated however I didn't see any offices changing to adapt. One Percent Realty allows me to continue to provide the SAME service as I did at my previous office, however now I am able to do it at a WAY LESS rate for the home owner! In fact, not only is my service the same as my last 'full commission' office, it actually offers more than some of our competitors! 

A few of the services I provide:

- professional photographer and home stager

- professional measurements of your home (to reduce your litigation risk!)

- TONS of online and print marketing; for sale sign/SOLD sign, lockbox; open houses

- buyer showings; assistance with offer/post acceptance conveyance

- exposure on, and over 44+ national websites!...including exposure on MOST of the other local/national real estate offices!

- a full team committed to getting your home SOLD

- Our EXCLUSIVE communication GUARANTEE! 

- NO Upfront Fee, No Marketing Fee! And unlike some of our competitors, our rate INCLUDES the buyer agent fee!!

- over 25 years experience!

.....AND MORE!! All the same services, however at a fraction of the cost!

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Q. Are Your Listings on MLS® and

A. Yes and yes!...and our competitors even market our listings on their websites! In fact we're also the only company with a low commission rate which is listed on!


Q. How Does an Agent for the Buyer Get Paid? Do I Have to Pay Them?

A. The $7,950 commission includes $3,500 of commission to the Buyer's representative. With a sale under $700,000 with 1% representing the Seller and the Buyer being represented by a Cooperating Brokerage: the 1% listing agent earns $3,500, the cooperating Brokerage earns $3,500, and the remaining $950 pays for the 1% agent's expenses incurred in selling your home. Above $700,000 our brokerage pays 1/2% to the Co-Operating Brokerage from the total you pay.


Q. Are There Any Upfront Fees to List Your Home with 1%?

A. No...none during fact you don't pay until your home SELLS! And our rate INCLUDES the buyer agent fee!


Q. Will Other Agents Show One Percent Listings?
A. Easily the most frequently asked question...Why would an agent show his/her client a One Percent listing when that agent can show a different listing and possibly earn more? There are several reasons that other agents do show One Percent listings. (1) Agents have an ethical duty to show all listings, regardless of commission, unless they are authorized by their client to do otherwise, (2) agents still earn a commission (3) buyers can easily find One Percent listings on a number of websites including or What REALLY matters is "Does One Percent Realty Work?" Over 85% of my listings have been sold by Co-Operating Brokerages/Agents. If you are NOT convinced and are concerned about the commission you can make the decision to increase the Buyer agent commission (however almost none of our clients decide that once they realize they don't need to). We can discuss your options in person! After all it is YOUR Money!

Q. Does One Percent Realty Work?
A. Yes One Percent Realty works! Clients can save many thousands of $$$ in real estate commission as thousands of other Canadians have! Your property will attract a buyer if priced realistically. Paying thousands more in commission is not what will sell your property, it will sell because of the exposure we provide to attract the right buyer for your home.

Q. How Does The $7,950 Or 1% Plus $950 Break Down?
A. $3,500 or 0.5% for me ("listing agent"), $3,500 or 0.5% for buyer's agent ("selling agent"), $950 disbursements (includes the fee to my office when I sell your home, advertising costs & MLS® system fee). You pay absolutely nothing to me until your home is sold! One Percent Realty sells many properties. One Percent REALTORS® don't have the overhead costs other many other agents have and our low commission structure allows us to focus on serving our clients instead of wasting valuable time soliciting new business.

Q. What Do You Mean By "Full Real Estate Services"?
A. When I promise to provide Full Real Estate Services this includes listing your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) of our Board, , , taking photos, advertising your property, holding open houses, for sale sign, lock box, showings, all documentation and contracts, negotiations, keeping you informed, cooperating with brokerages representing buyers, responding to inquiries - THE WORKS!

Q. How does One Percent Realty compare to Other Real Estate Brokerages?

A. I am happy to sit down with you and explain the various aspects of the Real Estate Business. I can explain our business model and detail out what other brokerages do, from "For Sale By Owner" to Full Commission Brokerages, we see it all. We can explain the various strategies with respect to pricing, attracting buyers, and general real estate questions. 

I'd love to interview for the job of selling your home and explain further how One Percent Realty can get your home SOLD and SAVE YOU a ton of MONEY! Please feel free to call/text me at 403.849.7144 and let's talk!

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